Introducing our Winter Protection Package. With winter arriving, car paint can be easily damaged with excess road salt, dirt, grime and acidic rain deposits. Our Winter Package can protect your vehicle from these damages. As well as, leave long lasting gloss enhanced results like this Golf R in navy blue.

What’s included:

  • A Stage 1 Gloss Enhancement reducing approximately 50% of swirls and scratches via machine.
  • A 12 month ceramic coating @IGLCOATINGSUK
  • Ceramic alloys wheel protection
    -Window Protection
    -Interior valet

Offer is valid until the 31/12/2020

Special offer £449

*Prices vary on large/4×4 vehicles

IGL Coatings is a technology firm based in Asia with the core focus of developing innovative and disruptive products that are set to redefine the industry. 

Since the development of their first prototype in 2013, they are now represented in more than 50 countries and the numbers are still growing. They focus their resources on improving and reinventing their products and business model by listening to the people who use it and by thinking outside the box. They are the pioneers of low and Zero VOC and high solids coatings that are extremely easy to

IGL Coatings is the First coating company to be audited and awarded the Global Nanoverify Program which
certifies their products as truly a nanotechnology product.

Why Do People Choose IGL Coatings?

  • Easy to Clean

  • Your Car Looks Brand New

  • Improves Resale Value

  • Protects Your Car’s OEM Paint

  • Better Resistance to Enviromental Damage

  • Saves Time and Money

  • Creates a Very Deep, Glossy Almost Crystal-Like Finish

  • Eliminates the Need for Wax

  • 100% Protected Warranty (T&C’s apply)

  • Low Volatile Organic Compound

  • Harmless & Non-Hazardous 

  • Up to 10H Hardness

  • Premium 100% solid hybrid silica coating

Best of all? IGL products do their job quickly and effectively without harming your car. Zero usage of all 172 banned hazardous substances allows a safer work environment for you

We are proud to stock IGL Coatings at Voss Autodesign – For more information about IGL Coatings – please contact one of our sales team on 07925 418276, we are located on the Leeway Industrial Estate, Newport, South Wales, Np19 4SJ

Spread the cost of your bill with Payment Assist

We know sometimes an unexpected repair is needed to looking smart. Payment Assist is designed to help you spread the cost of this unexpected work in manageable monthly payments.

How does it work?

  • Pay 25% of the invoice today
  • Pay the remaining amount over 3 equal monthly payments
  • 0% interest! Simple!

What is payment assist?

Payment assist was designed with the intention to ease the burden of the unexpected bill that you may have when your car is taken in for a service or clean, or when the garage has carried out a vehicle health check and you see you need extra parts! Whilst you may have budgeted for the original work, when your car needs more work, this additional cost can make a dent in your finances, sometimes meaning that the critical work that your car needs to make it roadworthy is put off until you can afford this extra cost.

Payment assist are here to help, and spreading the cost of this work means that your car is road worth and you can remain driving safety, whilst paying for the work over a three month period.

How do the payments work?

You will pay a deposit of 25% of the total bill via your debit card on the day, followed by three more equal monthly payments from the debit card.

Where’s the catch?

There genuinely isn’t one. Quite simply, rather than incurring the cost of borrowing money from other sources, use Payment Assist and pay no interest of fees on the funds you need, providing your payments are made in line with the payment plan.

Do you carry out a check on my personal credit statement?

We simply check that your card has adequate funds to pay the 25% deposit and the address registered to your debit card matches the address the plan is being put through for – but no ‘footprint’ is left on your credit status and this online check takes less than two seconds.

Do I pay any charges?

None at all, the payment plan is totally interest and fee free and is designed to support you when you need it most.

For full terms and conditions or any more questions please contact a member of our sales team on 07925 418276 or email

Sansom have been correcting, perfecting and protecting vehicle paintwork since 2006, specialising in rare, cherished and high value cars for enthusiasts and collectors.

And the No 1. question asked by clients – “how do I maintain this finish?”

Every brand has one or two signature products that we’d recommend but there’s not one brand that covered all bases.

So, Sansom set out to craft there own own range that we’d be happy to use every day and proud to recommend.

All you need to clean, shine and protect your car with minimum effort, maximum results.

They pride themselves on being free from the constraints of large corporates and now able to focus on performance and usability, not costs and profits.

They have have taken the best chemistry, tools and techniques from the professional world and distilled them into only the essential things you need.

Sansom believe that cleaning your car should be fast and fun

They offer a range of high quality products that fall under the following categories

Wash – Luxurious studs that clean effortlessly and rinse away easily to give a streak free finish

Protect – Spray on, rinse off

Wheels – Quickly and safely remove brake dust and road grime from your wheels

Glass – Cleaners that leave windows and mirrors sparkling and smear free

Interior – All you need to refresh and revive seats, carpets, dashboard and trim.

For more information about Sansom – please contact one of our sales team on 07925 418276, we are located on the Leeway Industrial Estate, Newport, South Wales, Np19 4SJ

A handful of projects from 2019, showcasing the various services and packages that we can offer. We are based in Newport, South Wales on the Leeway Industrial Estate. 

For more information on our services and packages contact us!

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